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I colored something for once
Kofés coloring sorta died. Kofé (for those who don't know) is mao/ rabbit(my girlfriends character), and Virgos(my character) child.

I hate the way Ashton ended up. It doesn't look good, the coloring isn't off, the outline failed, and it just looks horrid. Ashton is Leo and Ariana's child.

Māng and lāng are geminis nephews. They ended up OKAY.

Oryan is Sagittarius' child. Oryan has asthma.

Over all not too proud but whatever
Aquarius and burashi fight over monkey
They both love him

MONKEY BELONGS TO OSUO-P (aka this awesome person) howdoimakeausername.deviantart…
Mothers Day 2017

Light purple - Mao(MOTHER) And Kofe

Light blue-ish purple - Capricorn, Samantha(MOTHER), and Crystal

Light blue - Basest/Bastet (MOTHER) and Billy

Light Cyan blue - Virgo and Gaia (MOTHER)

The dark skinned male sat, crouched over his little brother, waiting for any signs of the younger male opening his eyes once more, even just for a second.

“Virgo..? Is he going to be okay?” Gemini enters the mostly black room, and sits beside the Virgo, who had his hand now placed on his younger brothers. He shakes his head, and Gemini's face gets droopy and tearful. He asks, “...Can I hug him...? Even for a moment..?” Virgo gives a nod and moves away from their younger brother. Gemini Engulfs his German brother in a warm hug. He begins to sob, sorrow engulfing all of his emotions.

“I never... I never thought I'd be brought so much pain... too loose someone like- like him... I hates hi- him... but apparently I sti- still care....” He breaks out into sobs again, before standing up. “I- I can't take this.... I'm going to a bar...” With that, Gemini stumbles out of the room, tears falling from his face. Virgo moves back next to his brother, wiping tears from his own eyes. He observes the fuzzy image of his brothers chest rising and falling, which he knew full well was going to stop any day now....

“I'm so sorry Scorpio...” He whispers stroking Scorpios thick black hair. His sunken face was pale, and his lips slightly growing purple as the lack of oxygen began to set in. Virgo grabs a near by stethoscope and listens for his brothers heart beat. It was barely there. He mumbles after a minute of listening, “15 Heart beats..” He pauses to wipe tears from his eyes and sniffle, “ he won't have long to go on for...” Virgo places the stethoscope next to him.

Meanwhile, Gemini was staring up at the night sky. Observing Scorpios constellation. The light of Antares was fading. He can't help but sob, when he see's Antares completely fade away. He runs back into the house, hoping it wasn't too late too see his little brother again... alive at the very least... He kicks off his shoes and runs upstairs to Scorpios room. Cancer, Sagittarius (who was supported by crutches), Capricorn, Pisces who was sobbing onto Aquarius, Aries, Taurus, Libra and even Leo stood there, tears in their eyes. Virgo stood up from beside Scorpios bed, Lifting him up off of the ground. Scorpios limp, un-breathing, pale body, told everyone he was dead.

Years Later....

Gemini Lay down at his desk, trying hard not to snap at anyone who tried to speak to him. He looks at the bottle of cold Sake beside him. A cold feeling washing over him. It was only him, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, And Libra left.... Everyone else had died...

“I'm next..” He whispers, taking the bottle of sake, Downing every last drop of it. Nothing Drowned his sorrows. He shuts his eyes, as Virgo came to check on him. When he Tries to yell at Virgo to “Leave” he can't. His head began to spin, as his very life Began to spin in his mind, the last thing He heard was “I'm Sorry” From Virgos, Kenyan accent, which ran thick through his voice. The rest was silent for him. Geminis Pain was finally released along into the sorrow of everyone. He looks up, The starry Spirits and visible souls of his dead siblings, stood with him in the depths of space.

“Welcome back, Gemini..” Scorpio greats holding out his hand. Tears Form in his eyes as he wraps his younger Brother in a hug.

“I'm so sorry Scorpio.... I should've been there-” He got cut off by him

“It's okay... I forgive you.” A smirk forms on the German mans lips. His voice gets High pitched, “My Name is Hillary Clin-” He cuts himself off staring at his Chinese brother. A Smile Returns onto Geminis teary face.

“Wrong...” They hug for a long time, not sure what to do other than that. They were back to their old ways. So this is the afterlife... huh? He thinks Staring down at the galaxies around the milky way, then back at his siblings. 

Gemini and Scorpio like to act like Trump and Hillary.


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